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InsurerAM BEST RatingCompany Namephone numberaction
The National Security Group B++The National Security Group(334) 247-9806 READ REVIEw
CL Life and Annuity Insurance Company B++CL Life and Annuity Insurance Company(800) 520-6162 READ REVIEw
Farmers Life Insurance Company B++Farmers Life Insurance Company(865) 444-0613 READ REVIEw
Ibexis Life A-Ibexis Life(866) 376-1669 READ REVIEw
National Life Group A+National Life Group(800) 732-8939 READ REVIEw
Great American Life A+Great American Life(800) 854-3649 READ REVIEw
MassMutual Ascend A++MassMutual Ascend(800) 854-3649 READ REVIEw
Clear Spring Life A-Clear Spring Life(800) 990-7626 READ REVIEw
Aspida A-Aspida(866) 511-6910 READ REVIEw
Pacific Guardian Life APacific Guardian Life(800) 367-5354 READ REVIEw
American Life B++American Life(402) 489-8266 READ REVIEw
Athene AAthene(888) 266-8489 READ REVIEw
MetLife A+MetLife(800) 638-5433 READ REVIEw
National Western Life ANational Western Life(800) 922-9422 READ REVIEw
Lincoln Financial Group ALincoln Financial Group(800) 237-3813 READ REVIEw
United States Life of New York AUnited States Life of New York(800) 888-2452 READ REVIEw
Vantis Life of New York A+Vantis Life of New York(866) 826-8471 READ REVIEw
American International Group (AIG) AAmerican International Group (AIG)800-225-5244 READ REVIEw
Royal Neighbors of America ARoyal Neighbors of America(800) 627-4762 READ REVIEw
Farm Bureau Financial Services AFarm Bureau Financial Services(800) 247-4170 READ REVIEw
Transamerica Life ATransamerica Life(800) 797-2643 READ REVIEw
United Life A-United Life(800) 637-6318 READ REVIEw
Voya Life A+Voya Life(800) 584-6001 READ REVIEw
Western United Life B++Western United Life(800) 247-2045 READ REVIEw
SBLI ASBLI(888) 630-5000 READ REVIEw
Securian A+Securian(833) 810-8266 READ REVIEw
Security Benefit Life A-Security Benefit Life(800) 888-2461 READ REVIEw
Sentinel Security Life B++Sentinel Security Life(888) 433-4795 READ REVIEw
Symetra Life ASymetra Life(800) 796-3872 READ REVIEw
The Capitol Life B++The Capitol Life(800) 745-4927 READ REVIEw
The Standard AThe Standard(800) 247-6888 READ REVIEw
Thrivent Financial A++Thrivent Financial(800) 847-4836 READ REVIEw
Protective Life A+Protective Life(800) 456-6330 READ REVIEw
Prudential A+Prudential(888) 778-2888 READ REVIEw
Reliance Standard Life A++Reliance Standard Life(800) 351-7500 READ REVIEw
RiverSource A+RiverSource(800) 333-3437 READ REVIEw
S.USA Life A-S.USA Life(866) 787-2123 READ REVIEw
Sagicor Life A-Sagicor Life(888) 724-4267 READ REVIEw
Midland National Life A+Midland National Life(800) 272-1642 READ REVIEw
Mutual of Omaha A+Mutual of Omaha(800) 931-9210 READ REVIEw
Nassau Life B++Nassau Life(800) 628-1936 READ REVIEw
National Integrity Life A+National Integrity Life(800) 433-1778 READ REVIEw
Nationwide A+Nationwide(877) 669-6877 READ REVIEw
New York Life A++New York Life(800) 225-5695 READ REVIEw
North American A+North American(866) 322-7066 READ REVIEw
Oceanview Life AOceanview Life(833) 656-7455 READ REVIEw
Oxford Life A-Oxford Life(877) 584-2777 READ REVIEw
Pacific Life A+Pacific Life(800) 800-7646 READ REVIEw
Guardian Life A++Guardian Life(888) 482-7342 READ REVIEw
Integrity Life A+Integrity Life(800) 325-8583 READ REVIEw
Investors Heritage B+Investors Heritage(800) 422-2011 READ REVIEw
Jackson National Life AJackson National Life(800) 644-4565 READ REVIEw
Liberty Bankers Life A-Liberty Bankers Life(800) 745-4927 READ REVIEw
Manhattan Life B+Manhattan Life(800) 247-2045 READ REVIEw
MassMutual A++MassMutual(800) 272-2216 READ REVIEw
Sammons Retirement Solutions A+Sammons Retirement Solutions(855) 624-0201 READ REVIEw
Cuna Mutual ACuna Mutual(800) 356.2644 READ REVIEw
Delaware Life A-Delaware Life(877) 253-2323 READ REVIEw
Eagle Life A-Eagle Life(866) 526-0995 READ REVIEw
EquiTrust B++EquiTrust(866) 598-3692 READ REVIEw
Fidelity & Guaranty Life A-Fidelity & Guaranty Life(888) 513-8797 READ REVIEw
Global Atlantic AGlobal Atlantic(866) 645-2449 READ REVIEw
Guaranty Income Life A-Guaranty Income Life(225) 383-0355 READ REVIEw
American National AAmerican National(800) 252-9546 READ REVIEw
Americo Life AAmerico Life(800) 231-0801 READ REVIEw
Ameritas Life AAmeritas Life(800) 745-1112 READ REVIEw
Annuity Investors Life AAnnuity Investors Life(888) 863-5891 READ REVIEw
Atlantic Coast Life B++Atlantic Coast Life(844) 442-3847 READ REVIEw
Brighthouse Life ABrighthouse Life(800) 638-7732 READ REVIEw
Cincinnati Life A+Cincinnati Life(888) 242-8811 READ REVIEw
Allianz Life of North America A+Allianz Life of North America(800) 950-5872 READ REVIEw
American Equity Life A-American Equity Life(888) 221-1234 READ REVIEw
American General Life AAmerican General Life(800) 888-2452 READ REVIEw