On this page, you will find videos and tutorials. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you. We have prepared several videos to help educate you before buying. Also, there are videos on using our rate database and our online application.  


You might have questions about fixed annuities or about using our service. On this page we try to ask as many of the frequently asked questions as possible.    

1035 Exchanges

Are you considering a 1035 exchange? Read our article on what you should know about the 1035 exchange process.

Is Someone Selling You An Annuity? 9 Tips You Must Know

Here are 9 Tips You Absolutely Must Know If A Company Is Selling You An Annuity. And A Bonus Tip That Virtually No One Tells You Before Buying

What You Should Know About Deferred Income Annuities (DIAs)

The Ultimate Guide To Deferred Income Annuities. Learn how you can create a personal pension for yourself in retirement.  

Index Annuity Education

Don't even think about buying an index annuity until you know what you are getting into. In this report, we reveal a summary of the pros and cons of index annuities and what you should know before buying one.      

Immediate Annuity Education

If you need a guaranteed stream of income, an immediate annuity might be for you. You exchange some of your savings now for an income stream. The income stream begins in the first twelve months. An immediate annuity is like a pension. You can think of an immediate annuity as a pension you buy for...

The Truth About Fixed Annuities

What is a Fixed Annuity? What are the benefits of a fixed annuity? How do they compare to CDs? What should you know about fixed annuities before buying? We cover all of this and more in our report on Fixed Annuities.