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You've worked hard to accumulate your savings. It's time for your savings to work hard for you.

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Why Have Americans Invested Around
3 Trillions Dollars Into Annuities?

Safety, Security, and
Long-Term Care
Guaranteed Income
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An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company. Annuities are financial tools. Sometimes an annuity is the right tool for the job; sometimes it isn’t.
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Our Promise To You

  • Offer Only The Best Annuities (Highest Rates, Guarantees & Lowest Fees)
  • Stress-Free Experience (Zero Sales Pressure & Smooth Buying Process)
  • Honesty (No surprises or hype)
  • Back every recommendation
    with 3rd party evidence
  • Provide education, not pressure
  • Full transparency by revealing what companies don’t want you to know
  • Support you every step of the way (Quote to questions to application and purchase)
  • Create a relationship built on trust
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A Network of Experienced Annuity Specialists

Annuity Resources was born in 2010. We are a network of over 2,500 annuity specialists in the United States.

Our specialists average 18 years’ experience, and most are independent. They work for you to find the very best products in your state.

You’ve worked hard for your savings. It's time your
savings works hard for you.

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Our goal is to provide consumers with information they need to make an informed, intelligent decision.

Americans over 50 deserve full transparency and an honest source of annuity information

Scott Brooks, MBA, CFP®