Scott Brooks, MBA, CFP®

About Annuity Resources

Annuity Resources was established in 2010. We are a network of over 2,500 annuity specialists in the United States.

Our specialists average 18 years’ experience, and most are independent. They work for you to find the very best products available in your state.

Annuity Resources, LLC is also a licensed insurance agency in most states.  We did this in 2021 to give consumers a better experience.

Internally, we focus on immediate annuities (SPIA's), deferred income annuities (DIA's), and multiple-year guaranteed fixed annuities (MYGA's).

If you are interested in index annuities, variable annuities, or are looking for a fee-based advisor we will connect you with a firm in our network.

Because most agents and advisors focus on selling index and variable annuities, we believe creates a better experience for consumers.

You’ve worked hard for your savings. It’s time for your savings to work hard for you.

What we do

We are an insurance agency licensed in 48 states. Our goal is to simplify the annuity market and give you the information you need to make an educated decision.

We want to make annuities easier to purchase. Our website offers the most comprehensive fixed annuity platform in the United States.

Giving customers choices is a core value of ours.

Also, our website provides a ton of information absolutely free of charge. We believe in full transparency and reveal as much information about the products as we can.

How we do it

Digital Education – Our website reveals everything you need to know about the fixed annuities we offer. For each product, you will find product brochures, current rates, and a detailed breakdown of the annuities' features and benefits.  We also include a calculation so you know how much you will earn in the fixed annuity before buying.

Digital Application – We offer a digital application for the fixed annuities we offer. We want to make the buying process easier and hassle-free. You simply complete an online application which takes around 10 minutes. From there, we step in and get your annuity processed! It’s literally that easy

Our Network of advisors – If interested in index annuities, variable annuities, or legacy planning options, we will put you in touch with an insurance agency we partner with. We don’t offer the more complicated annuities internally but will do our best to put you in good hands.


Knowledge is power. If you have access to the right information, you will make a better and more informed decision. That’s our goal. To lift the curtain on the annuity industry and help consumers make the best choice possible.

- Scott Brooks, MBA, CFP®

Our Fixed Annuity Platform

We have what we believe is the largest fixed annuity platform in the United States.

Currently, there are over 40 companies on our platform. As we grow, we plan on adding additional companies to our lineup.

Believe it or not, some companies restrict who is allowed to offer their products.

Some insurance companies restrict their products to help their in-house salespeople who focus on selling only their product.

Also, some companies are not listed because their ratings are too low. We did not include any companies whose AM Best ratings were below B+ or were unrated.

We are focused on adding the very best annuities on the market to our platform.

From within our platform, you can access virtually all of the vital information about each annuity.

If you like the product, you can apply for it directly on our site. We designed an application process to suit most carriers.

We want to make the process of buying an annuity as easy as possible. You should be able to buy a fixed annuity as quickly as you open a bank CD online.


Reviews, Company Information, and Product Information

Our website has reviews on over 293 index annuities. Each review was information specific to that product and helpful information for anyone buying an index annuity.

Our goal with the reviews is to give honest information about each of the products that others in the industry might not disclose. We want consumers to buy annuities for the right reasons and not because they were misled by someone.

You will also find a breakdown of 74 traditional fixed annuities. We don’t offer these to our customers but do review the positives and negatives about these products.

You will also find a breakdown and review on 509 MYGA’s or multiple-year guaranteed annuities.  We do not offer all of these to our customers, but we do offer many of them.

We are still working on adding additional companies to our lineup.

We’ve also organized the contact information for 69 insurance companies online. You’ll find essential information on each of the companies and a list of their product brochures, and links to the reviews we have on their products.

Our team spent 15 months on this project to help consumers better access all of this information. We plan on adding additional information in the future.