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Annuity Investors Life Insurance Company

Annuity Investors Life is a subsidiary of Great American Life Insurance Company and American Financial Group. The company is licensed in 49 states and DC. It's focus is on qualified and non-qualified annuities. They launched their first index annuity in 2006 and are proud of it's success. Their vision is to create financial products that your needs today and your dreams of tomorrow. They strive to create long term value for their clients, employees, and investors.

company information

Parent Company:
Great American Life Insurance
301 E 4th St
Cincinnati, OH 45202
$ 3,406,733,000
Year Founded:
$ 2,931,799,000

financial ratings

A.M. Best
A 3 of 13
A2 6 of 21
Standard & Poors
A+ 5 of 21

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