Our Team

Scott Brooks, MBA, CFP®

Scott Brooks created Annuity Resources in 2010. He has worked in the financial services industry since 1998. Initially, he started working for Edward Jones Investments in Carlsbad, CA, just two years after graduating from The University of Texas @ Austin with a finance degree.

After two beautiful years in San Diego, Scott moved back to Texas to work at Bank United Securities in Plano, TX. When Washington Mutual acquired the bank in 2000, he left and took a job with Fidelity Investments. For the next 5 years, Scott would work with thousands of Fortune 1000 employees.

He helped job changers and retirees decide what to do with their 401(k) after leaving their employer.

While working at Fidelity, Scott completed an MBA from the University of Dallas. The emphasis was on financial services.

In 2005, Scott passed the CFP® exam. In late 2005, Scott decided to move back to Houston to be closer to family. He planned on setting up his own financial planning practice but put this on hold due to his father's unexpected passing. Scott spent the next seven months closing his father's law practice.

In 2006, He took a job at Comerica Wealth & Institutional Management in Houston. Scott worked out of the One Shell building in Downtown Houston and worked with the wealthier clients of Comercia Bank.  Scott worked for Comerica Bank for around 12 months, but his heart was set on being an entrepreneur.

In 2007, Scott designed a 401(k) rollover training program to educate financial advisors. From 2007-2010, Scott trained over 7,500 financial advisors and insurance agents through his training and communication.

Annuity Resources was born in 2010 and has been Scott's focus since. From 2010-2020 Annuity Resources operated as a referral-based organization. We connected consumers interested in annuity information with insurance agents in their area. From 2010-2020 around 2,500 insurance agencies and financial advisory firms worked with Scott directly.

In February 2020, Scott decided to make a dramatic shift to his business and to focus on becoming a national insurance agency. His vision was to have his company focus on helping consumers with the "simple" annuities and have his network of insurance agents and advisors help consumers with index annuities, variable annuities, and structured annuities.

Scott played tennis for over 15 years and reached a USTA ranking of 4.5 before retiring due to knee issues. He has traveled to over 33 countries and enjoys spending time with his family.

Scott has meditated for over 1,100 days in a row. He believes entrepreneurs should develop a meditation practice to help deal with the stress of being self-employed.


Bryan Brooks

Bryan has worked with Annuity Resources since 2013. Bryan holds an undergraduate degree in business from the University of Houston. He worked in Oil & Gas for 12 years before working with Scott in 2013.

Bryan helped support engineers at Bechtel and ConocoPhillips in their Houston location.

Bryan decided to end his corporate career to help raise his daughter Avery and spend time with her while she is young.

Bryan helps manage the IT infrastructure for our organization and enjoys speaking with consumers when he can.  He was the primary contact for our insurance agents and advisor clients over the years and enjoys helping people.

Bryan lives in Katy, Texas, with his family. He enjoys spending time with his daughter and studying the financial markets.



Pam has worked with Annuity Resources since 2015. Pam works remotely and enjoys traveling.

Pam worked as a registered nurse and was with the operations department of Western Union before working with Scott.




Peachy has worked with Annuity Resources since 2015. She helps support our back-office processing.

Peachy is a night owl and is one of the smartest employees on his team. She is an introvert by nature and thrives on her ability to work independently.



Cossy has worked with Annuity Resources since 2019. She has a background working in telecommunications, manufacturing, and the food/beverage industries. She helps with back-office processing for our clients.


Insurance Processing Partners 

  1. Crump.  Crump is a leading third-party distributor and service provider of insurance and retirement products. Crump has around 700 employees and helps insurance agencies like ourselves process and manage annuity applications. They trace their roots back to 1920 and are a part of Truist Insurance Holdings, Inc.
  2. Amerilife.  Amerilife is a service provider that helps us process our application for some of the insurance companies we represent. They are a leader in the development, marketing, and distribution of annuities. Amerilife also has over 700 employees and helps us process and manage annuity applications for our customers.


Call Center - We have partnered with a call center on the West Coast since 2012. They have been the ones who answered our radio and tv calls over the years. When customers request quotes on our site, they will be the ones who contact consumers to verify the information before being passed to insurance agencies in our network.