Our Network of Advisors

Our Network Of Advisors

 From 2011 to today, we have worked with around 2,500 insurance agencies and financial advisory firms. The average insurance agent/advisor we work with has been in the annuity industry for 15-20 years.

The average age of our advisors is 55-60. A majority of them are independent. This means they are free to sell the best products they can find for their customers.

They don’t work with larger firms that tell them which products to sell. Some are with broker-dealers or have their own investment advisory firm. Others focus only on annuities.

Most of the advisors in our program offer indexed annuities primarily. Some offer variable annuities.

We have found over the years that most advisors want to sell index and variable annuities. They offer the potential for higher returns, are more complicated, and pay the highest commissions.

This is why we connect our consumers with them.

If you apply for a fixed annuity (MYGA) on our website, you will directly work with us. We do this because we have found most agents/advisors don’t want to sell them.

An agent in Utah told us that it was not “worth his time” to process the paperwork for a fixed annuity (MYGA) application.

An agent we know in Denver said the only value a fixed annuity referral only has value because they can cross-sell an index annuity.

A Michigan agent we know refuses to send any product information to consumers unless they meet with him in person.

One of the largest annuity marketing organizations does 95+% of their business in index annuities.

This is why we decided to do it internally.

Fixed annuities, SPIA’s, and DIA’s are processed internally.

Suppose you are interested in variable annuities, index annuities, or RILA’s. In that case, we will put you in touch with a company we partner with.

We might or might not have a company in your area, but we will do the best we can.