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Great American Life Insurance Company

MassMutual Ascend Formerly Great American Life Insurance Company. In May 2021, Great American Life Insurance Company was sold to MassMutual. Mass Mutual was founded May 15, 1851. They serve over 5 million American clients. Their goal for over 160 years is to design products that help Americans achieve their financial goals. Mass Mutual is a mutual company which means they are owned by their policy owners, not shareholders. They manage the company in the long term interest of their policyowners, not shareholders. Mass Mutual believes in being a good corporate citizen, and taking care of their employees and policyowners.

company information

Parent Company:
American Financial Group
301 E Fourth Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
$ 40,012,179,543
Year Founded:
$ 37,144,066,292

financial ratings

A.M. Best
A+ 2 of 13
A2 6 of 21
Standard & Poors
A+ 5 of 21

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