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Global Atlantic

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ForeCare Fixed Annuity
Global Atlantic Financial Group traces it's history back to 2004. They are committed to addressing your financial protection needs today and tomorrow. Global Atlantic Financial Group creates annuities that help you meet long term care expenses, accumulate retirement savings, generate retirement income, and leave a legacy for loved ones. They offer a variety of annuities to help for plan for retirement. Other help you thrive in retirement. Global Atlantic feels success can only last a lifetime if it's managed well.
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A Excellent (3rd of 13 ratings)
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Fixed annuities are for conservative investors who want safety, security, and guarantees.

You will preserve your principal and earn a fixed rate of return.

You might hear fixed annuities also called CD-like annuities or multiple-year guarantee annuities (MYGA's).

If you are sensitive to loss and don't want to lose a penny, a fixed annuity might be a good fit for some of your savings.

Read our educational articles on fixed annuities to learn more.

9 yrs
maximum investment
$ 400,000
maximum age
No Limit
withdrawal allowance
During the life of the contract you can withdraw 10% of the account balance penalty-free.

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Enter an investment amount to calculate your earnings and account balance over the life of the contract.

Surrender Charge Schedule

Surrender charges are a penalty charged to early withdrawals of annuity contract. They are a percentage of the withdrawal amount, decrease over time, and go to zero when the term ends.

percentage charged to withdrawal

market-value adjustment (MVA)

A market value adjustment is basically an additional charge or credit for taking money out early from an annuity.

They allow companies to pay a higher rate and make longer-term investments.

MVAs only affect you if you withdraw funds early. If you own the contract to maturity, they do not apply.

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moody’s ratingA3 Good (7th of 21 ratings)
fitch ratingA Strong (6th of 21 ratings)
S&P ratingA- Strong (7th of 21 ratings)
phone number(866) 645-2449
Product brochure
3.50 - 7.00%. We are paid from the insurance company general fund. It is not deducted from your account value. 100% of your money is working for you from day one. We could earn a higher commission based on sales volume and taking a more active role in the application process.
Rate Effective DateSeptember 1st 2022
premium TypeSingle Premium Annuity
account TypePersonal, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP-IRA, SIMPLE-IRA, 403(b).
Not available inCT, NY, PR, VI
options at

At the end of your contract term, you have the following options.

1. Withdrawal any amount free of charges and fees.
2. Renew the contract for the same term, if available.
3. Renew the contract for a different term, if available
4. Transfer the balance to another company via a 1035 exchange.
5. If you do nothing, the contract usually renews for the same term at the rates available at that time. Renewal letter are mailed, but we suggest you track this.

death benefit provisionIf you pass away before the end of your annuity contract, your beneficiaries will receive the accumulated policy value. This value will include all interest you have earned and be passed without any charges or fees.
taxesAnnuities typically grow tax-deferred. If you withdrawal money that has never been taxed, withdrawals are 100% taxable. Non-qualified withdrawals have been taxed already, so only interest is taxed. This is called an exclusion ratio. Interest would be taxed, but the principal would not. Please work with a qualified specialist.
surrender schedule
8%, 8%, 7%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%
free-look period30 Days
market value adjustmentYes
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